Since its foundation over a quarter of a century ago Bahadir has developed top of the line medical equipment distributed to dozens of countries. Our research, development and engineering teams have worked tirelessly to respond to market demand and competition.


Since its foundation over a quarter of a century ago Bahadir has responded to the marketplace and competition by building up its research and development engineering workforce and developing new products together with other departments in Bahadir.

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The Story of Bahadir

Bahadir is a family business that shapes the surgical instrument sector. The company, founded in 1983, was the first company in Turkey to lay the foundations for the production of surgical hand tools with its accumulated professional experience and experience in metalworking as a family trade. Together with starting the surgical instrument sector in Turkey with this breakthrough, Bahadır Medical Instruments contributed to the birth and development of many companies in the sector by providing consultancy and technological infrastructure support. With this cooperation and interaction, the city of Samsun has become one of the major global producers of surgical instruments and is rapidly becoming well-known in the medical equipment sector.

With a product portfolio of nearly 13 thousand which can meet the needs of all surgical branches, Bahadir has a technical infrastructure that can produce many types of medical equipment without subcontracting. High quality DIN and AISI standard raw and semi-finished stainless steel is transformed into the final product by a precise production process. Sterile container systems, table connection equipment, wire and sheet baskets, hospital slippers, silicone accessories, sterilizer systems and especially surgical instruments are produced according to ISO standards and are made available to doctors and health workers.

The company, which has established its brand in the European and Asian markets, has been competing with the brand name Bahadır in the market in recent years by developing partnerships with global companies in the United States. The company has ensured standard and sustainable quality management by constantly improving the quality of products and services according to the needs of modern surgical techniques and end users.

Bahadır engineers conduct research and development activities focusing on the demands for design and use functionality according to expert opinions on the ergonomics of surgical operations. Innovative solutions for the products are developed by the R&D unit in the light of methods that are in accordance with modern surgical techniques. With an awareness of the social responsibility that serving in the health sector involves, the company provides voluntary R&D consultancy and production support to university hospitals. Bahadir supports innovative ideas developed on the basis of modern surgical approaches and shares its technical expertise. As a result of these theoretical and practical works provided for the thesis and project studies of academics and students, the company brings in home-grown inventions to the health sector by delivering patents, utility models and designs in several fields, domestic and foreign.

Surgical Instruments

Operation Ergonomics

Bahadır surgical instruments are engineered with optimum precision in form and functionality for operation ergonomics. Thanks to feedback received from surgeons over many years and the expert knowledge of our people, in product innovation we strive to keep ahead of developing surgical techniques and new types of operations.

Quality Raw Materials

Stainless steel contains at least 13% chromium, which protects against corrosion, and the main types are austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and duplex. The austenitic 300 series, and ferritic and martensitic 400 series are used in surgical instruments.

We use titanium; with elements such as iron, aluminum, vanadium and molybdenum; for precision micro instruments because these alloys have lower thermal expansion coefficients. Also their light weight increases the efficiency of the operation.

Stainless Steel:
Blades – X45 CrMo V15 / (1.4116)
Scissors –  X40 Cr13 / (1.4034)
Forceps – X15 Cr13 / (1.4024)
Clamps – X20 Cr13 / (1.4021)
Rongeurs – X40 Cr 13 / (1.4034)


Forceps –  Grade 1 /ASTM F67 Gr1
Clamps –  Grade 2 /ASTM F67 Gr2
Micro Instruments – Grade 3 / ASTM F67 Gr3
surgical instruments

Sterilization Container Systems

Bahadır Sterilization Containers are designed for optimum efficiency of sterilization in order minimize maintenance costs and provide longer service.

Ranging Variety Of Use

All container bases and lids come in the same size and are compatible with each other. This feature allows customers to combine different models based on their needs.

sterilization container, sterilizasyon konteyner
sac sepet 1

Wire Baskets & Perforated Trays

We produce wire and sheet metal baskets in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate  surgical sets and sterilization procedure. In addition to standard models with Sterilization Container Systems,  also special products specifically tailored to different purposes.

Retractors & Fixators


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