Research & Development

Discover the research and development activities of the company and the projects that develop in line with the needs of the users.

Bahadır engineers carry out research and development activities by focusing on the demands for design and use functionality in line with their expert opinions on the ergonomics of surgical operations. Innovative solutions for products in the light of modern surgical techniques are developed by our R & D department. The company voluntarily provides R & D consultancy and production support to the projects of university hospitals with the social responsibility awareness required for providing services in the health sector. As a result of these theoretical and practical studies provided for the theses and project studies of academics and students; by assisting design, patents and utility models, Bahadir promotes the development of the sector.

Collaborative R&D projects

Designer: Prof. Dr. Ali Fahir Özer

– Anterior Cervical Retractor (1994)

Retractor plates mounted on the vertebrae can be used to separate them. Designed in 3 different sizes.

– Revised Anterior Cervical Retractor (2008)

A modular screw mechanism was added to the retractor which can be mounted on the vertebra surfaces. Designed in 5 different sizes.

Designer: Prof. Dr. Ali Doğan Bozdağ

– Stich removal scissors

– Stone pliers

– Anoscope

– Suture control apparatus

Designer: Prof. Dr. Lütfü Eroğlu

– Angled Tonsil Shears

– Tear canal osteotome

– Endoscopic jaw retractor guide

Designer: Doç. Dr. Burcu Baş

-Temporomandibular Trocar

 Double lumen trocar with aspiration and irrigation.

Designer: Prof. Dr. Zekeriya Tosun

– Chest Marker

Handheld instrument for use in breast reduction operations.

– Dissector

Dissector used in breast augmentation surgery.

Lumen dilator

Lumen dilator to expand vein in microvascular surgery.

Designer: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Osman Akdağ

– Jaw retractor

Endoscopic jaw retractor developed for oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Designer: Yrd. Doç Dr. Murat Nebi Selimoğlu


Internal anastomosis approximator

Designer: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahin

Endoscopic Liver Cyst Discharge Set