Sterilization Container

Bahadır uses a high-quality aluminum sheet and advanced production techniques to reduce associated maintance costs and provide users a long term usage.

Sterilization Container
Production Process

  • After going through forging, pressing, polishing and anodizing processes, container parts are sent to the assembly line.
  • On the assembly line, depending on the model, an average of twenty to thirty parts are assembled through safety checks at regular intervals.
  • Workmanship and other defects on the containers are checked and water-impermeability tests are carried out.
  • The containers are safely packaged to be damage-proof.
sterilization container, sterilizasyon konteyner

Type and Size Variations

For All
Storage Conditions

Containers are offered in different types and sizes to meet the specific needs of users. Different height, width and length options are available for all storage conditions.

sterilization container, sterilizasyon konteyner

Lid & Base Specs

Perforated and Non-Perforated
Container Options

Bahadır Sterilization Containers are suitable for a variety of sterilization needs. Users can choose a perforated lid with a non-perforated base for pre-vacuum and post-vacuum cycles, or a perforated base for gravity cycles.

sterilization container, sterilizasyon konteyner

The safety lids provide impact protection and prevent contamination during both storage and transport.

The disposable paper filter provides ultimate protection and prevents microorganisms from entering the container after sterilization. The filter retainer is manufactured from ASIS / SAE 304 (1.4301) quality stainless steel sheet.

sterilization container, sterilizasyon konteyner

Sterilization Container Systems
& Accessories

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